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If you want to learn advanced driving then you must go for the Pass Plus course which is offered by the Vijay Driving School. When driving is taught to beginners and semi-learned people they are made to drive on undisturbed plain roads. However, in the fast-moving world, drivers need to have sound knowledge about driving so that they can easily drive on disrupted or busy roads. It is true that in such situations one will realize how much they have learned to drive. As a certified instructor, I teach people how to drive in such situations, in the Pass Plus course. After they receive the overall driving test certificate, they can enroll their names for the Pass Plus course. In this course, they get to learn to drive in situations where they have to be extra careful.

Learners may not hesitate to drive the way they have learned. For I am there to help you out in the tougher driving situations. Learners also get to choose the timings for taking up the Pass Plus course. Moreover, this course can be for nearly 6 hours. It is completely up to the learners. With the advantage of knowing how to speak multiple languages, I try my best to make learners feel comfortable when they take up the Pass Plus course.

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With experience of over 32 years in the driving industry, I can assure you that I will try to manifest the best of driving tricks. Driving is not just an activity but also a big responsibility. It can be risky if you don't know how to drive well. I have spent a larger part of my life teaching driving to different types of learners. The practice pays off at different places for everyone. Some learn it fast, while some learn it slowly. Therefore, I bear complete patience to teach learners.

In the Pass Plus course, learners who know how to drive have the desire to learn to drive in the most pressuring situations. Teaching this course is a great responsibility for me. Hence, as an instructor, I pay special attention to how much the learning is picking up the smart driving techniques.

Learners can learn at their own pace and can rely on me for effective guidance. At Vijay Driving School, learners who want to become a pro in driving by taking the Pass Plus course will have the most productive advanced learning.

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