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the first series of glide, endurance: classic "walking in the air" "walking in the air" on the other a perspective, the ball comprehensive display of the MJ perfect left hand to control the ball, bounce, gliding, endurance and good feel, have to admit, the physical quality of the peak period of MJ even into the now is still the top. left hand cut, air duck with defender capping and endurance, a pull rod, once again forced to duck fill prevent players cover shot the ball into the. against Dominique Wilkins eagle, right hand breakthrough, the air so as to face the two defenders cover, the air aloft, pull rod ball. The ball we t cheap jordans for sale ake a closer look at the height of the eagle two defenders cover, those who say that players of the 1990s physical qualities than but now the player's friend can shut down! still left behind with anti starting players, two players face up against the cover, pull rod ball into the air. The second series - breakthrough, dunk: left hand cut, separated after air physical confrontation dunks. abnormal bounce, glide distance, long terror against the body, 2+1! NBA history five good goal, can say the ball will peak MJ of the technology of comprehensive display, first dorsal body dummied defensive player, seeing the 34 Auckland fill up Cheap air jordan 12 ovo anti, make to the ball back to the false action, deceive anti complement player, turned to cut, to directly face the 33 Ewing take-off, air combat, is cruel buckle procurable. Note the MJ dunk at the height of the elbow joint were more than the basket. third series: the God given talent, big MJ MJ with a pair of big hands, he shows great performance. Why do some people say MJ is to basketball, probably because of these reasons, a pair of hands for basketball players, absolutely is the gift of god. was one of the players said "now the NBA players are divided into two levels, one level is Michael Jordan, a level also is all our ot Retro jordans for sale her players." Say this is the history of the NBA's best point guard Johnson "the magician". single hand ball, fake bar exchange. 1992 Larry - Bird in the dream team in the Barcelona Olympic Games also said a word, and these guys play in a team, I always have a soy sauce." While standing on the "guys" above the spire is Michael Jordan. look at the young Jordan's wonderful performance, how is the player who made this action?! the fourth in a series -FADEAWAY: reference Baidu Encyclopedia above two sentences to evaluate MJ fadeaway "Jordan, almost every NBA guard have this ability. But the most powerful, most elegant fadeaways, or Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the number of Jordan's classic fadeaways." Fadeaways MJ is often with his back turned Technology 〉 the Central Meteorological Observatory issued an emergency warning of typhoon orange at 18 yesterday. This year, the No. sixth tropical storm "Fengshen", or in the early morning to early morning in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Fujian, Zhaoan coastal area near the landing. under its influence, today during the day, the Taiwan Strait and Guangdong coastal eastern and southern Fujian, north of the South China Sea wind winds will be 6~8, "Aeolus" center wind up 9~10; Eastern Guangdong, southern Fujian and southern and Western cheap jordan shoes for men Taiwan heavy rain, local there is heavy rain or torrential rain. yesterday, Guangdong, Fujian two provinces are the "Aeolus" prepared to meet the challenge. according to the "Aeolus" and "dynamic Guangdong province flood control and drought contingency plans" wind, Guangdong on 23 March 22 to start anti typhoon emergency response grade, request the relevant units to carry out their duties, take corresponding defense measures. according to the vice governor of Guangdong Province, the provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters chief Li Ronggen revealed that the Guangdong provincial Party committe cheap jordans for sale mens e and provincial government leaders will personally visit the wind line inspection guidance. Wang Yang, the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, governor Huang Huahua, and the Guangdong Provincial Committee, deputy governor Huang Longyun led the team to Meizhou and Yunfu respectively, Chaozhou etc.. 9:30 yesterday morning, Fujian province to flood control headquarters in Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan City, issued a defense "Aeolus" No. first instructions, maritime departments should strengthen the command and dispatch cheap jordans online ships in the Taiwan Strait, to ensure the safe navigation of ships. nearly 18 o'clock yesterday, Fujian Sheng Fangzhi deputy director general, Department of water resources director Yang Chi Ying told reporters analysis, "Aeolus" continued to weaken, such as continuing to move northwest, it will determine the basic landing in Guangdong, even in Jiangxi, only some rainfall in Fujian, but if not to the cloud move northwest may be suspended in the skies over Fujian, will meet with the cold air coming tomorrow, bring heavy rain. the tropical storm Fengshen may have landed this morning in the coastal areas of Guangdong cheap foamposites , Zhuhai and Shanwei. Affected by the wind and rain may occur in Quanzhou, the public should pay attention to prevention. Coastal ports, airports, towns and construction sites have been prepared to do typhoon prevention in strict accordance with the plan, (editor in chief: admin)For Kanye West's loyal fans, Yeezy 350, Boost, V2, once the feet can not get off, it is said to be toxic, and no medicine can be solved! Canada NameBran game player is "suffer", even to the rink also remember this classic, this time he will skate with Yeezy 350 Boost V2 together, although the shoe body no support at all, but who can stop the love? yee Cheap air jordans for sale zy-ice-skates-1.jpg (66.12 KB, download times: 8) download attachment adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ice skates customized version of 2016-12-26 10:15 Adidas Yeezy Boost upload, 350, ice skates, customized version 00KAWS x Air Jordan 4 is good, but the sale amount is too scarce, especially the Nike official website has not been added, so many friends have no chance to queue disappointed (although the buy chances are slim). But you may have a chance of getting it, KAWS announced on his Instagram, KAWS x Air Jordan 4 in the personal website; again on sale, sale time early in the week, the specific time notified by ma Retro jordans for sale il, you may wish to register. , an illustrator from Amsterdam and SNEAKERHEAD of Careaux, once again worked with Puma to bring a whole new season of Careaux x Puma 2017 spring and summer series shoes, shoes and costumes. Careaux's inspiration for the trip to Japan was incorporated into the design, using beige, dark blue and gray as a sedate, primitive color, without losing fashion. It is reported that Careaux x Puma 2017 spring and summer series will be available on April 7th.This year announced the return of Nike Air Raid complex moment caused by external fans, the fans expect too much sustenance in these combat shoes which also makes the Nike design team, it was decided to create a more perfect. Now, the improved version of the Nike Lunar Raid official debut, the focus is clearly improved with a cushioning effect is better for the Lunarlon in the bottom, at the same time before the continuation of the classic lines, and retains the cross strap design iconic, and wearing a red color again, love real friends please look forward to it. sivasdescalzo-nike-lunar-raid-1.jpg (88.93 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-27 16:16 upload sivasdescalzo-nike-lunar-raid-2.jpg (66.6 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-27 16:16 upload sivasdescalzo-nike-lunar-raid-3.jpg (74.04 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-27 upload 16:16 sivasdescalzo-nike-lunar-raid-4.jpg (71.58 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-27 16:16 upload sivasdescalzo-nike-lunar-raid-5.jpg (78.57 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-27 16:16 Nike Lunar Raid Peace upload, combat, shoes 00Heritage Classic mantle of Air Jordan 1 Low OG Chicago will undoubtedly become February starring, is available in the upcoming official engraved on the eve of the network has released a set of foot shot, interested friends may wish to preview. Although the low version, but the white red color classic or endless memories of the Bulls dynasty all the same classic is available again, are you ready? item: 705329-600 release date: February 14thPrice: air-jordan-1-low-chicago-on-feet-1.jpg (170.76 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Low OG Chicago Mito enjoy 2016-2-11 09:34 upload air-jordan-1-low-chicago-on-feet.jpg (148.46 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Low OG Chicago Mito enjoy 2016-2-11 09:34 upload air-jordan-1-low-chicago-on-feet-2.jpg (158.12 KB, download number: 7) download Air Jordan 1 Low OG Chicago Mito enjoy 2016-2-11 09:34 upload Mito enjoy, Jordan, classic, friends, network 00

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