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Meng Tingwei earlier this year, with 1 year old son, Xiao Bao brother tour Hokkaido, Bao Bao brother like a bear. Meng Tingwei Meng Tingwei (Asia) for the first time in May 31, postpartum to sing, originally invited Nvzhang people Vivian Chow on the same stage, guessed the other something can attend. At the time close to the stage, Yaya said: "it is terrible worried frown, since born after Andy's brother I can't wear high-heeled shoes, wearing these days in order to promote barely video, but each book to half foot pain, tired paralyzed scatt cheap jordans online ered on the seat, forget you are an artist!" Yaya a year postpartum and baby son together, although she was a nervous type master's mother, but probably because 19 years after the debut of a personal life, she was ashamed of self often forget the existence of son, let me pinched the cold sweat. Her example: "once my husband and I coax son to sleep, back in the living room to see the film, saw half heard suddenly bedroom small baby cry, I also turned to ask her husband:" which is the small baby crying? He hesitated for 3 seconds before he remembere Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d, "ah, my little brother is crying."! " recently Yaya to publicize Taipei concert, often with Andy's brother take the high-speed rail from Taichung North propaganda, son shot not afraid of life, but also as a mother concert guests, Yaya laughed and said: "I'm not worried about it. He came to be noisy, but nervous your birth forget how to wear high-heeled shoes, this time for 3 hours of singing are wearing high heels to jump and shake, now every day at home, stealing the practice to walk in high heels, afraid to fall on the stage!" the or Cheap air jordan 12 ovo iginal sponsor by Yaya friends Lin Longxuan, Nvzhang people invited Vivian Chow as guests, so she is looking forward to, but because the May 31st day of Vivian Chow to the Japanese commercials to show, Yaya laughed and said: "although she can't come, but have to write a letter to me. She said, I remember, although this did not work, then I think there must be a chance." Concert information contact Tang Entertainment (02) 8791-1333. (Editor: admin)air-jordan-xx8-se-powder-blue-0.jpg (52.7 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 16:18 upload ai cheap jordans for sale r-jordan-xx8-se-powder-blue-1.png (241.26 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 16:18 upload air-jordan-xx8-se-powder-blue-3.jpg (43.1 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 16:18 upload air-jordan-xx8-se-powder-blue-4.jpg (36.07 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 16:18 upload air-jordan-xx8-se-powder-blue-2.png (170.39 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 16:19 upload air-jordan-xx8-se-powder-blue-5.png (148.24 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 16:19 upload Jordan 00Nike Dunk High "Port wine" color de cheap jordan shoes for men but 2013-12-08 22:43:58 Nike Sportswear recently announced a sale is expected in 2013. Nike Dunk High shoes, this pair named Port Wine of & nbsp; Dunk High using a variety of shades of purple, suede, leather and other materials blended to create a whole to create an extremely rich visual experience. Like purple friend might pay more attention to what this port wine version of & nbsp; Dunk High up. House of Vans Asian series of activities to visit Beijing 2015-09-22 17:08:05 House of Vans Beijing leg of the Asian series of activities successful endin Retro jordans for sale g. In the three-day series of activities, Vans has brought world-class musical performances performances, while providing the opportunity to show the creative community around the ideas. Beijing musical performances begin at nine o'clock at night Foolish Old Man. The first day of the show from Xi'an station Musicians Wanted musicians Competitions runner MustBeRED lead the opening, with the subsequent nuclear after local band playing cat dog Multi-Ego performances Beijing. While She Sleeps band finale show will be the whole show atmosphere to a clima Cheap air jordans for sale x. While She Sleeps at the end of the show Chinese station will then go to South Korea to participate in House of Vans in Seoul performances. The next performances by musicians Musicians Wanted solicitation championship NOUS UNDERGROUND lead opening. Followed by the tiger J-Fever performances. Legendary Hip-Hop groups from New York, followed by the debut of Mobb Deep, repeatedly pay tribute to classical music. The finale stage musicians bring a combination of Tuxedo was rhythm music nights. In addition to the Wish You Were Here skateboard photo exhi cheap foamposites bition, held this year, "a slip up," Journey movie premiere September 13 in the afternoon. Since April this year, Vans occupation skaters hand-cities tour, conducted Wish You Were Here Skate Tour. In visiting the cities in search of skateboard terrain, enjoy local snacks, at the same time feel and experience skateboarding around the local customs. Skateboard photographers and cameramen shooting squad - Zhang and Tommy the whole picture of the journey made a photo gallery and videos. After the end of the active site of the premiere, filming skaters parti cheap jordans for sale mens cipate jointly signed by the person viewing posters, posed for pictures. Vans friend Panda Mei Mei Huan Lin, Lin heart eyed dwarf, a small six Burns, Zhang and Idle Beats teams were set up in the field of art courses and exchange and sharing activities. In Guangzhou Station Street Market, held the same market came to the Beijing Railway Station to the scene, in addition to the invitation to the independent brand Vans, artistic creative people, the number of independent individuals and organizations through a network of original registration also i Retro jordans for sale nvolved. House of Vans arrange a series of activities in Asia Xi'an station: August 29 Guangzhou Station: 9 3 - 5 September Beijing Railway Station: 9 11 - 13 September Seoul Station: 9 18 - 20 September Hong Kong Station: During October 16 - October 18 Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Reebok GL 6000 released new color for next season 2014-09-01 14:57:17 & nbsp; With the cold weather turn, the major sports brands will also be thin coat its products become a more solid material, recently released the Reebok GL6000 new color series, continuation of the classic shoes, using a quality suede shoes constituted, in the shoe body side "Reebok" the British flag reflected its long history and culture, to create a total of three color overwhelmed, currently commercially available shoes have been designated in some shops, priced at $ 110, like a friend to look at it. & nbsp;, San Francisco fashion designer and co-founder of BEENTRILL Heron Preston recently released his latest creation, two personal customized version of the high help Nike Air Force 1. Named "Street Sweeper" shoes in New York by the local Handmade, presented in the classic simple black and white, with a pattern of Gucci BAPE using Logo Nike to replace the Swoosh logo, the name of the Preston inside insole with Heron, indicating the personal identity. In addition, each pair of shoes will provide hand-painted shoebox, very collectible value. For more information, focus on Heron Preston's Instagram. Handmade customized version of Nike Air Force 1 for high Handmade customized version of Nike Air Force 1 for high this season Pelican underachievement, Lord Davies injured trouble is to stop, now in the MVP charts is unable to see his name. He needs to prove himself, in today's game against the pistons, the explosion also had 59 points, 20 rebounds, a victory away from the road. Today he's Nike Air Max audacity PE is also quite memorable, overall in navy blue and red collocation, whether the future will be offering is still unknown, but presumably NIike will take the fuss. source: solecollector

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